Dvd burner help

Heres my problem, I just went and got a liteon dvd burner 20x for my pc , my pc meets all requirements but I am still haveing a problem. When I go to burn it burns to previews just fine but when the movie comes on it does the ending first then freezes trying to bring u p the root menu. I dont understand whats going on and I am hoping someone can help me . the model # is DH-20A4P08C . I am so confused. I am trying to burn a few movies I have that my kid scratched and wont play in my dvd player . They play just fine in my pc tho. Can anyone help? let me know thanks!:sad::sad::sad::sad:

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What brand are the blank discs, and what speed are you burning your backups at?

16x the dvd’s- nx nexxtech

You burned these Nexxtech DVDs at 16x? If so, maybe try reducing the burn speed to 8x or 12x. :slight_smile:

If that doesn’t help, maybe try a better brand of discs.

But my neighbor has used the same ones at 20X and they burned just fine so I just done understand why would it burn the previews just fine and then put the ending at the start ? My neighbor has never had that problem with them and the ones I am useing are the same ones he gave me . I tried to check my DMA but when I click on the thing to chage that there is no advanced setting in my controler. I am so lost

OK, let’s start from the beginning, since you mention getting the end of the movie at the start :slight_smile:

What program are you using to make your backups?

And your neighbour may have a different drive to you - different drives can behave very differently with the same media. I would still recommend lowering the burn speed to 8x or 12x :slight_smile:

I have 2 I have tried , dvd shrink and nero burner 8.0 but my nero keeps saying everything is copyrighted so I gave up using that one

OK, as long as it can cope with the copy protection, DVD Shrink should be fine - it is an older program though, so can’t cope with newer copy protections.

Give reducing the speed a try and see how it goes. :slight_smile:

ok will do thanks

I agree with Arahne. Try a different brand @ 8x.
Also, I’ve had real good luck using DVD Decrypter by Lightening UK. Make sure you read & write in ISO mode.

What do those Nexxtech’s code out as?

Slowing down burn speed is a great start. Upgrading to a more trusted name in blank media, Taiyo Yuden or Verbatim, is another good idea.