DVD burner help!

Hi, I’m new to this forum - just joined. I’m looking for information/reviews. I am putting together a new computer system and am looking for a good DVD burner to put into it. I’ve had a Plextor PX-712A which gave out on me after only 1 1/2 years use. Because of that I’m not sure another Plextor one is in our future. Currently I have a Mad Dog burner which I’ll transfer to the new computer. However I need the following items from a new DVD burner:

  1. It’s own software (Mad Dog uses the XP driver and won’t write a Video CD)
  2. Ability to read/write onto -R, +R, +/-RW, Dual Layer a plus, Video CD, Photo CD, (not sure if it would matter at this point, but I have a DVD burner/VHS player and can record in VR mode - to read that as well)
  3. Vista compatible?? I don’t plan to upgrade for at least a year, but want to be ready.
  4. SATA technology important?
  5. Speed 18x??, CD speed 52x??

My husband records a lot of music from the satelitte radio stations (uses Musicmatch Jukebox). Also he is getting into editing our homemade videos (just bought Adobe Premier Elements 2.0).

The system I’m putting together involves a Intel C2D E6600, 2 Gig memory.

Any direction at this point would be great. It seems that most of the DVD burner reviews are over a year old. Thanks in advance.

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  1. Every DVD Burner uses XP’s driver. Nothing is supplied with it’s own driver. The burner doesn’t care what it burns , it’s the software that’s the issue.
    I assume that you’re referring to Windows built-in CD writing application which I’d never recommend anyone using.

  2. Any modern burner will do all these.

  3. Shouldn’t be a burner issue , again it’s the software that needs to be Vista ready.

  4. There are SATA burners but this is relatively new technology for burners so maybe IDE is currently the better option.

  5. There’s no real need for 18x or 20x burning of DVD media & most would recommend much slower burn speeds for CD-R media than 52x.

There are some more recent reviews available here .