Dvd burner help please (+ media question)


It has been a while since I was on this forum, and I need help again if anyone will be so kind. I have been happily burning DVDs with the info I got from the great people here, and I was using a Philip’s 8701 internal burner with Verbatim DVD-R disks. (I have 2 identical Dell Dimension 3000 desktops, pentium 4’s, with large hard drives and hyper-threading.)

I only have the one Philips 8701, and have not been able to locate another one for my other Dell, but ran across a barely used external Iomega superDVD 4224E2Q-D, that connects via the USB port.

I am using the same burning program (DVDshrink) and AnyDVD, and while the Iomega plays DVDs flawlessly, and copies the DVD to the hard drive with no problem, there seems to be all kinds of excuses why it can’t burn a DVD properly. Very undependable, lots of “encountered a problem and cannot continue” error messages during the burning phase, and its main production is coasters.

I enjoy the convenience of an external DVD burner, but can install an internal if necessary. Evidently the Philips burner is getting scarce and I have not been able to locate one for my other computer, so I need something else for that one, but want the same quality and dependability of the Philips. I don’t know if newer products in other brands are better, or if there are any newer Philips models that are comparable, so I need input.

Also, while I was steered to Verbatim media for my DVDs, I could not find similar advice for CD burning media. Is that more generic, with most brands being fine, or is there a cracker-jack media form for CDs that those in the know are using?

One last question, I also have a relatively new (purchased new Feb. 06) HP laptop (HP Pavilion dv8125nr media center notebook PC) 1.8GHzAMD Turion 64 Mobile Processor, 160GB hd, with a LiteScribe 8x DVD+/-RW Combo drive, double layer.

I am using it occasionally to burn a DVD, (same DVDshrink program + AnyDVD, same media)and while it is dependable, it takes FOREVER to burn a DVD! We’re talking sometimes 4 hours here!! My Philips will burn 3 DVD’s in the time it takes to burn a single DVD on the HP. I don’t understand this, probably something that isn’t set right (most likely an error on my part), but this just doesn’t seem right. Any thoughts?

All input would be greatly appreciated.

Best wishes to all,


DVD Shrink is not a burning software. It can use nero as burning engine, but it is not able by itself to burn discs.

Because of shrink is not more developed, the many problems that it can give when it’s used to work with a burning software will be not solved.

My suggestion is to use a proper burning software by yourself. Use shrink to save ISO files on HDD, and then use ImgBurn to write these ISO files on a disc.

Verbatim is a very good choice both for DVD and for CD media.

Thanks so much, Geno888!

Hello, again, Geno888,

I forgot to mention that I was using Nero as the actual burning engine. I just don’t think about it as dvdshrink is all I have to deal with, since it automatically uses Nero.

Thanks again,


You’re welcome :slight_smile: