DVD Burner has disappeared for the second time



Ok this is the second time this has happened.

Both times it occured between DVD burns.

ie. I finish burning one, then put the next disk in to burn (using imgburn), and thats where the program hangs up at 0% progress.

When I exit the program and check My Computer my drive is no longer in the list.

When I run Sandra, under “Physical Storage Devices” it shows “Generic DVD-ROM SCSI CdRom Device”, but nothing under “Logical Storage Devices”.

The drive will open and close but not read.

The last time this happened, my drive magically reappeared as I was typing a message just like this one; im pretty sure it wasnt something I did to bring it back, it just sort of came back.

Any ideas what might be causing this?

Also any ideas how to fix it? (right now I have no useable drive >.<)

Thanks a bunch!


is it an internal or external drive?

either way, i’d double and triple check the connections to make sure everything is secure.

be sure you’re using an 80pin IDE cable and make sure your jumpers are set correctly.

this sounds very much like a flaky connection to me. IDE cables are not expensive. that would be my first step in troubleshooting this problem especially if it was a cheapo cable that came with a no-name drive or if it’s rather old.


Its the internal drive in my Sig.

Interesting thing i jsut noticed…In “Add Hardware” wizard, my Drive DOES appear in the list and the wizard is telling me “This device is working properly”.

I just went and checked again at it is there. This is wierd to me, why would it do this?

I suppose it could be a connection but this has only happened twice since I built this machine and both times it happened under the exact same circumstances that I described in my original post…


try uninstalling your drive from hardware manager (rightclick on my computer-> properties ->hardware -> device manager->CD/DVD drives ->"select your drive"and double click -> driver-> press uninstall button) and reboot and after reboot it will install it.


Also try a new power connection. I have seen bad Molex connectors do this too many times.