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Well percision and “showing troubles when they exists” are 2 different thing. Still IMO new LiteOns (from 812 and up) fail in both.

Some say “all drives report what they ‘see’ only”… so there are no drives that are more precise than others. But this is not true. If a drive drops samples also the percision and accuracy of scanning goes down and LiteOn drives drop a lot of samples so they aren’t percise. Also drives that don’t scan at 1 ECC aren’t as precise as drive that scan at 1 ECC… still all the values in this case are reported… however they are summed.

And about - “showing troubles when they exists”. I saw a lot of scans on LiteOn drives in reviews on CDFreaks and CDRLabs that showed a very good much more than acceptable scan… but the drive that performed the transfer rate scan had troubles. Also BenQ drives sometimes “screwed up” still less times as LiteOn did.

However this is not what bothers me most… you can’t blame a drive being a good reader. What bothers me that some judge the drive burning quality using scans of drives like this only… not even performing a transfer rate test (still a transfer rate only tell you if the disc is burned well and back without a problem or not… but it doesn’t tell you how well it is burned) or try to scan in other drive as well (if a disc is burned good all drives have to “agree”)… also using only one drive for scanning in reviews isn’t good… people may look at the drive and see a very good scan… ignoring the transfer rate test and form an opinion based on the scan only.

All in all there is no much better alternative if using one drive only… still using two drives for scanning is a lot better than only one. IMO Nec 3520/3540 are good drives for scanning… they aren’t the best readers around and they might tell you better when the drive has troubles… also my old LiteOn 411 is very good… it’s a bad reader and if he reports troubles then there are some regardless of sample drop… still it reports less PIE/PIF on than my Philips on a good scan.


We pretty much agree. Still, this is what we have to work with.


Quikee Wrote:

NEC 3500AG (temporary shelved until PI/PIF firmware is released

Quikee, I see in your signature that you have decided to shelved your 3500 until PI/PIF capability become available, is that really so important to you to keep one the fairly best drive idle?.


> I agree with TCAS. I have the 3520 and I have looked at the scans from the
> 3540 and there is no way I would trade. The 3540 seems to have firmware
> problems so far, while the 3520 is one on the best all round burners since
> the 3500.

Well, that certainly clears that up. I’m certain he’ll be happy with the drive.
Newegg has been a great vendor, too. I also like ZipZoomFly, but they did
mess me up once with a needless credit card hassle (one of their ‘random
checks’ they said…What’s that about?)

I have to admit that I’m amazed at the number of drives that some of you
own. I mean, it’s reassuring to know that you can get serious information
here from people who own every drive known to man, but the DVD drive lists
are surreal. Keep up the good work. <G>



I have noticed a significant read speed increase in the 3530/3540 with rip lock removed.


I think the 35xxs jump from 5X to 8X while the Pioneer 109 jumped to 13X.


I tested Nec 3500 before I shelved it… and it wasn’t better than Philips 1640P in any of discs I use the most… also LG turned out to be good so I had no reason to put it back in. Also I needed a second PIE/PIF drive at that time so I had no choice. Still I miss Nec 3500 sometimes as I have some 4x discs that no current drive wants to burn faster. =)
I also wanted to sell 3500 and buy a Nec 3540… but when I had the chance to test 3540 it turned out to be very bad… so now I don’t know what to buy next… possibly a BenQ 1640 but they aren’t available here… so I have a choice between Plextor 740 or wait for the new Philips. Plextor 740 is expensive as hell (~91€)… so the only option is to wait for the new Philips if no other choice comes up.