DVD Burner: Good, simple, cheap, available



I’m looking for a DVD burner for someone else this time
(I personally use Plextor 716a…mixed feelings about it,
but it seems to run solid now).

Anyway, I’d like to find something…
Inexpensive (unlike the Plextor),
Simple (he won’t want to mess with settings or hacks), and
Available (I couldn’t find the Benq 1640 via price-search engines).

He doesn’t particularly need fast burns…just reliability.
Duty cycle will be low…probably a couple DVDs per week, if that.

Also, are there online or mail-order companies that have good
prices and fast delivery?



PS: Maybe the reason I couldn’t find prices on the Benq 1640 is
that it’s too new. I just checked NewEgg, and they have the 1620,
but not the 1640.

So…what’s the advantage in the 1640 over the 1620? (presuming
that Benq is a good choice).


The 1640 supports faster +R DL speeds (8x) and supports -R DL at 4x with firmware update. It also has increased RW writing speed 6x -RW and 8x +RW. It also has increased CDR writing speeds with speeds increased to 48x CDR writing and 32x Rewriting and 48 reading for CDR.

Specs below the ones with the star beside them are the ones that have changed / Been added since the BenQ 1620.

Writing Speed

16X +R
16X -R
8X +RW * (4x on BenQ 1620)
6X -RW * (4x on BenQ 1620
8X +R DL * (4x on BenQ 1620)
4X -R DL * (Not available on BenQ 1620)
48X CD-R * (40x on BenQ 1620)
32X CDRW * (24 on BenQ 1620)
48X CDROM * (40x on BenQ 1620)

The BenQ 1640 also has a much better cooling system than the 1620. The 1640 uses a Dual Cooling System (description below)

The BenQ exclusive Dual Cooling System(DCS) features Anti-Dust Cooling System(ADCS) and Air Flow Cooling System(AFCS) to effictively reduce the potential for over-heating during high-speed reading and writing. With an integrated heat chimney design, ADCS redirects the heat flow out of the drive and still provides for protection from dust. AFCS accelerates the circulation insie the drive and speeds up the heat elimination through the drive’s steel housing.


If you are sold on BenQ I would wait for the 1640 as there is a huge batch of bad 1620s out there in the pipeline and you don’t want your friend to get stuck. If you are not yet sold, I would recommend the NEC 3520. All round, it does a great job with most media. See the media score link in my sig.


Both BenQ 1620 and NEC 3520A are very good choice and if you live in US the NEC 3520A can be shipped to your door for total $45.99 from newegg.com:


Newegg is lowering most of drive prices! All the drives in my sig block I would buy again(obviously for less money). Someone stated that it is hard to get a bad DVD burner these days. But this would be my list of brands not in any order! I would get a really cheap one and then think about your second burner in your system to provide a good match in reader v. burner!

NEC 3540(both) or 3520(burner)
Plex 716 both good
Pioneer 109 or 110 both good
BQ 1620 or 1640 both good
Toshiba 1672 have no idea
Aopen 1608 or 1616 reader
Liteon 1693(maybe) don’t have any idea


nec 3520. real good burner at a real good price


The NECs always have been decent burners.
I still keep my old 8x NEC 2510 for high quality burns.

Never had problems, except that they are known to be bad readers. (That’s why I bought an AOPEN 1648AAP Dvd-Rom).


I picked up a Cyberhome (Cyberdrive DX162-D) from Bestbuy for arround $50.00 a while back. It burns both + and - media really well. It is based on the same chipset as the Benq/Phillips drives (1620 I believe).


> Both BenQ 1620 and NEC 3520A are very good choice and if you live in US the NEC > 3520A can be shipped to your door for total $45.99 from newegg.com:
> http://www.newegg.com/Product/Produ...N82E16827152035

Thanks to everyone for the informative replies. Good timing on the link
to NewEgg. I ordered via that link. I think their ‘special’ ended 3 minutes
after I ordered it.

After ordering, I noticed that they also carry the NEC 3540A. I compared
their capsule specs, and it looks like the only thing different is the CD-RW
speed. Is this correct, or are there other differences?

From Newegg:
16X DVD-ROM 48X CD-R 24X CD-RW 48X CD-ROM 2M Cache
16X DVD-ROM 48X CD-R 32X CD-RW 48X CD-ROM 2M Cache


There isn’t really any big difference between them, for all practical puposes you will be OK with NEC 3520A for the time being. The specs of 3520A will suit yours or most of us just perfectly, also realize $45.99 is not that big of investment to start worry about it.


I agree with TCAS. I have the 3520 and I have looked at the scans from the 3540 and there is no way I would trade. The 3540 seems to have firmware problems so far, while the 3520 is one on the best all round burners since the 3500.


Excellent choice! Now its time for a 2nd,third, fourth, and fifth burner.


…and 6th…and 7th…help, stop me. :confused:


good to see ya Chas!


You too. What’s your next drive purchase? (sorry for the hijack, I’ll keep it brief)


I am thinking a BQ! I have never owned one and it’s time to do the deed!


I’ll sell you mine cheap. Of course I have to get it back from the repair people first. BTW, if you are really picky, scanning with Liteon is more precise and Kprobe has more experience as a testing program.


Nice joke… calling a drive that drops a lot of samples precise. =)


You really seem to dislike Liteon drives for scanning. I have compared to BenQ and others and I get more reliable results from my Liteon. Given that all the drives we use are cheap and not really up to scientific standards, do you have a better choice than Liteon or are you just commenting on scans in general?