Dvd-burner for the amateur user

A friend of mine who is not as geeky as me is in the need of a new DVD-drive, preferably a burner.

Only drive I can comment on is the PX-716, which I have, and I’m quite content with it, allthough its a bit expensive… ö.O

I’ve read great stuff about the BenQ 1640, and I suggested that as the first try, and my friend told me that from other sources he’d heard it has trouble reading copy protected media. I personally thought copy protection was just a software thing, so it doesn’t depend on your burner, but I figured I’d check in with the people who know their stuff (you guys!).

So is this true about the copy protection? My friends alternative solution was a more expensive plextor, which I’ve known to have good quality, is it worth the up-price?

Or are any other drives first on your recommended list? this thing has no specific requirements, it just should be as good as possible for the least money (quality is priority of course). Just throw some model numbers at me if you think these are crap! thanks :bow:

Klanky… I can’t comment on which drive is a certain “sheep burner,” so for that you’ll have to read the official CDFreaks reviews on each of the drives I would recommend if copy protection is that important to have for your backups. Check here for my recommendations. By the way, you could add the BenQ 1655 to that list, as it is the same as the 1650, just with lightscribe labelling added on lightscribe DVD media.