DVD burner for recording studio


New member here.

After reading here for almost 2 hours,I get the picture that most of the user want the DVD to record they video collections,so the quality of the picture is inportant …but that I undastant also depends on compration,so far all good.
But I still have a quiestions left to ask :o

I’m a musician and I run a recording studio.
I need a DVD burner to save a large audio sample cds that comes in wav format with various aplications that triggers those samples .
Some of the librarys 3.6 gb.
Quality of the recording and ofcause the reability is very very inportant.

In the studio I run 2 AMD workstation for my studio need,on the other hand for internet I use my old P1 200 pc( it does the job) :rolleyes: :eek:

For a start I need the burner on the internet P1 pc
I want a -/+ burner at 8x-12x
Doule layer not that inportant to me ,but on the other hand if it in the price range than why not.

Some friend told me to chek out this brands:
LG GSA-4120ֲB
LiteOn SOHW-1213S
Nec ND-2510A
Nec ND-2500A
Sony DRU 700AB1
Teac DV-W512G
Pioneer A07

Currently I’m running a 40gb HD with P1 pc ,but than again I need to ask if I will be ebale to run one of those brands of this pc.
Also if there other model you are more than welcome to recomend tham.

Thanks in advance for your help.


Can any of the guru’s here help me please :bow:

Its unlikely that you’ll be able to burn anything on a P1 200, even for 4X you require over 5megs per second transfer rate

hello Dee
thanks for your replay , i gase i will need to conect the burner to the AMD’s

Anyway ,which one you will recomend?


NEC ND-2510a or 2500a