I been reading around trying find which is best dvd burner for ps2 I have saw alot on the Pioneer DVR- AO3 it burns dvds and cdr and cdrw. I was wondering if the Phillips DVDRW208 is good for ps2 games It uses DVD+RW and the Pioneer uses DVD-R or something anyone know difference?

hi m8
the ps2 can only read dvd-r disc :smiley:

The Pioneer DVR-A03 burns DVD-R and DVD-RW.
The Philips DVDRW208 burns only DVD+RW (no DVD-R).

So it’s impossible to backup PS2 games with the DVDRW208 burner. I don’t know if the PS2 plays DVD+RW discs.

Take a look at this site:

Well I got the Pioneer coming. Me and the bro in law went in and bought one now if i can find a reputable and cheap place to buy few I shall be setup. Hope i Dont make to many expensive coasters. THANKS ALL OF U.:smiley:

cheap place to buy disc have a look at

and The Pioneer DVR-A03:D