DVD burner for Mac G3



I’m in the process of kitting out the G3 I’ve had lying around for a while as my primary audio computer. The person I bought it from had an external CD burner. I was thinking about buying a Pioneer DVR-111D, but I’m concerned first and foremost with archival stability, and it seems that I’ve read quite a few times that DVD media is not nearly as stable as CD. For the most part, I’m content to back up to CD, but I would like the option of being able to back up a large amount of samples or audio on one or two discs. However, if those backups are going to be to a volatile storage medium, there’s not much point.

Also, I’m wondering if DVD drives contribute more to the internal noise floor than CD drives do (I sometimes record streaming audio with CoolEdit. My roommate’s PC had three LiteOn CD-R drives until recently, and I’ve noticed a tangible difference in the amount of noise in older “streamed” recordings and more recent ones post-dual-drive-removal operation.)

I’m also leaning toward keeping the G3 on OS9…anyone know what the compatibility is like with newer DVD burners and OS9?


i’m nto sure we have a lot of mac users, but i’m sure SOMEONE will be able to help you out.

in regards to reliability of dvd as a storage medium, basically nothing is 100% reliable. if this data is very important to you I’d probably make 2 dvd backup copies and also store it on an extra hard drive.

alsways use top quality blank media (this is the #1 cause of disc deterioration), keep the drive’s firmware up to date, and burn at a reasonable speed, and your discs should be reliable. I’m hesitant to say 100% though.

if you buy a drive that has quality scanning capabilities you can scan your important discs every few months to check for deterioration and this may allow you catch a problem and back up the data again before it’s too late.

unfortunately, i can’t give any recommendations in regards to os9 compatibilities nor do i have experiences with pioneer burners.

if the scanning option sounded like something you’d like to be able to do, you should look for BenQ, Lite On, and or Plextor drives. (NECs also support scanning, but from what I understand are less reliable scanners than the other 3)

if you choose to stick with the pioneer, still keep in mind good media, up to date firmware, and burn at the rated speed and you shouldn’t have any problems :slight_smile:


As far as CD-R, I’ve pretty much decided to just buy unbranded TY and be done with it, so I’m sure the same would go for DVD.


TY…great choice :slight_smile:

no real need for the extra scanning insurance then. I’d say you’d be just fine with the pioneer. i’d still keep multiple backups though. there’s always something that can go wrong.

you can get a 300GB hard drive for ~$80 on sale these days. you can buy a cheap enclosure for it just use it as backup storage just to be on the safe side.

TY media when burned well should last a long time. check the blank media forum for the “dvd longevity” thread to get an idea of some peoples’ theories and test regarding the reliability and longevity of properly burned and stored dvd media.