Dvd burner for liteon 5045

can anybody help is it possible to buy new dvd writer for the 5045 recorder

I have been through this with Lite-On. Lite-On will not sell any parts for the LVW-5045 and they will not fix anything that is not under warranty. I have found that other burners will work fine in this recorder, but you will have to cobble up some sort of installation. The DDW-813S that is used has non standard mounting and nothing else will fit where it goes. I guess you could get a longer IDE cable and an extension for the power cable and duct tape a burner to the top of the case. I know that Lite-On has lost me for a customer due to this. I don’t think I have owned anything else in my life that I could not buy spare parts for. If it quits after the warranty runs out I guess you are supposed to chuck it into the garbage.


It’s a shame to hear the manufacturer treating customers like they are. Maybe a push to upgrade to HD or Blue Ray with all the DRM stuff? I got my 5045 about 3 weeks ago, but after all the discussions here, I will never buy a Lite On product again.
It seems like the HDD will be salvagable for that home made PVR when the darn burner dies. Any other parts salvagable?

There’s not much inside. There’s a couple of small circuit boards, a hard drive, the burner and a small fan. The hard drive in mine is a Seagate. I imagine it’s probably only 5400 RPM since that would be adequate for this purpose. Hard drives are pretty cheap nowdays so I don’t know if it would be worth salvaging or not. I guess you could put it in a computer for a kid. Actually, I don’t know if anyone else sell parts for their recorders either. I had a Panasonic DMR-E80H and I was told at a service center that three parts were available for it-the burner, the hard drive and the main circuit board. Each one was $500.00. That would stop me from buying any parts from them.


has the situation changed since these old posts…I read somewhere that a really good clean of lense (with 99% ALCOHOL AND REAL LENSE TISSUES. CARE CARE) has a good effect… I tried it a little tentitively…and it now burns, and reads more disks than before…I intend to give it a real go now.
Incidently a magic piece of kit is the topfield tuner…the site even tells you how to repair duff psu at a cost of £5…