DVD burner for laptop?

I have a Toshiba Satellite Pro 2100 and want to upgrade the CDRW drive to a DVD burner. Can I use any slimline drive and do a straight swap or is there more to it? Do I have to find a drive that is compatible? Any suggestions?

I just swapped burners on my Advent laptop, however

Most burners have the standard mini IDE conector on the rear of them but you may also find an adaptor that plugs into it. If you can remove yor existing burner then take a look at the rear of it & see if it has a grey plug about 1.5cm long, this is the connector that takes all power & signals.

BTW there are no jumpers on most drives for laptops, they rely on firmware to change from master to slave etc, I left mine as slave and forced the bios detection rather than waiting the 2 mins for it to be detected.

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