DVD Burner for Inspiron 1200

I am a newbie here, so please pardon me if my question is already answered elsewhere.
I have a Dell Inspiron 1200, which came with Philips CD burner. I would like to replace it with a DVD burner. Does anybody know which model/make will work in it? It has only one IDE channel, as XP reports.

Thanks a lot.

I would look at slimline drives from nec, pioneer and Toshiba/TSST.

Thank you chef for the advice.

Will NEC ND-6750 work in my machine? I had seen some discussion on one of the forums that this particular drive comes hardwired as a Master rather than CS. I had even seen instructions about soldering of 45 and 47 pins of the connector. If I get 6750, should I expect to do the soldering?

Thank you.

Uhm, please have a look in the nec section, especially at read first stickies. :slight_smile: