DVD burner for Celeron processor?

I went shopping for my first external DVD burner tonight, and all the specifications ask for Pentium III or higher. Am I SOL with my Celeron processor?

It all depends on what speed of Celeron processor your have and if you have USB 2 not USB 1.

USB 2 is a necessity (or Firewire if a firewire enclosure), but a fast CPU is not. For example, my PII 450Mhz does fine up to 8x burns, faster than that it has issues though. People have reached 12x with even slower CPUs, but other factors in the system become the bottlenecks, not the CPU - slow hard drives, slow IDE controller bus speeds, etc. If your computer doesn’t have USB 2 (or firewire), you can buy an add-on PCI card for as cheap as about $10.