DVD Burner "Fades"

“Fades” is the only way I can describe what happens to my DVD burner. After a reboot the drive is fine. It shows up in My Computer and if I put in either a DVD or CD it will pick up the label on the DVD/CD and replace the label in My Computer with the DVD/CD label. I can access all the files etc.

Then, later in the day, it no longer works correctly. If I put in either a DVD or CD it will change the label from the default:

DVD-RAM Drive (D:)


CD Drive (D:) (Without getting the label)

no matter whether I put in a DVD or CD. If I try to explore the drive I get “Please insert a disk into drive D:”

Properties says CD Drive, File System RAW, Used space and Free space are zero.

If I click on “eject” the drawer opens and the label changes back to DVD-RAM Drive (D:).

I can’t seem to do anything to get it back working except reboot.

The drive is an LG GSA-H55N
Running WinXP Pro SP3

I uninstalled Nero7 just in case.
I have done a few of the registry edits involving “Upperfilters” and “Lowerfilters”.
I have tried numerous combinations of “uninstall” and “disable” but they always require a reboot which would have “fixed” the problem (temporarily) anyway.

My CD reader on the same IDE cable never has this problem.

This problem is always reproducible, day after day after day.

Any ideas?

Thanks In Advance