DVD burner doesn't recognize blank DVD

I have had my compaq presario 2200 laptop for about a year now and it has a dvd burner with it. I purchased DVD X copy with the computer and it has worked fantasically, however, recently I have had some issues. I have never had a problem, ive used DVD+ and - before and at the moment I am using DVD-R. When using X-copy I insert the dvd and copy it, it works fine, then I eject the original and insert a blank. Before, I would wait about 10 secs and then it would recognize the blank and I’d click start to copy. Now when I insert the blank nothing happens and it wont let me copy. If anyone knows what my problem is or how I can fix it, I would appreciate it.

Are you still using X Copy or is this a problem when using 1Click? Can’t really tell from reading your post. Have you updated your burner firmware? If yes, you need to reselect drives in 1Click. If that’s not it, try a resinstall of 1Click, your patin-couffin drivers might need to be reinstalled and a reinstall of 1Click will do that.

Again, if you are using 1Click do you have Incd or Drag-to-disk installed? They can conflict with 1Click’s burning engire.

I had problems with 1 Click not recognizing the blank DVD. When I first got the program I called 1 Clicks help desk. Of course they would nto agree there was something wrong with their software and recommended only using Fuji DVDs. I did that and still got the error message. I would put in several different blank DVDs until it eventually would recognize the DVD. Now I just keep opening and clossing the DVD tray until it recognizes the DVD. Most times it recognizes it the first time but sometimes I need to open/close several times. I have never had this problem with other DVD Copying programs I use so I still feel 1 Click is the culprit.

Is this an X Copy question or a 1 Click question?

Sounds like your just not giving the DVD writer enough time to recongize the disc in the tray. Have you tried waiting about 10-20 seconds before hitting the button?

Can I get that number? :rolleyes: :disagree:

please help i dont know were to post my message my liton will not copy cds but will dvds, it will not play cds but will dvds, it used to work with both please help Dave