DVD burner doesn't read some burned disks, some does




I have searched forum but I couldn’t solve my problem, which is:

DVD burner can not see some of burned DVDs (reports BlankCD !) and some can be read. Strange is when I put those DVDs in some other PC I can see what is burned on them :eek:.

This problem first appeared on my NEC DVD burner, it was burning/reading normaly for a year, then it started to see some disks burned on it as blankCD.
I did following:

  • Flashed firmware on burner - didn’t help.
  • Cleaned head on burner(opened it) - didn’t help.

I thought that DVD burner was faulty - bought new one - Pioneer 115D

After a while it started to read some DVDs as blankCD !

Then I did following:

  • Reinstalled Windows XP
  • Reinstalled Nero7
  • Changed IDE port on motherboard
  • Changed DVD to all ports (primary master, slave, secondary master, slave)
  • Changed IDE cables

But nothing helped ! :sad:

Anyone with an idea ?


What media are you using? If you’re using some substandard ones, it wouldn’t be at all surprising that they’ve deteriorated.


Verbatim, and they are working perfectly (I have used them for last 4 years).

But this DVDs are burned maybe 6 months ago, and they can be read on other DVD burners…


Get better media and re-burn the old ones.


Some discs can be read by drive X but not drive Y.
This is often when the disc doesn’t have a great burning quality, or when the blank itself has issues (basic quality, scratches, dust, fingerprints etc…)
Not all drives are equally good readers… and unfortunately, neither NEC nor PIONEER burners are very good readers.
But the real culprit is mostly the burning quality, not the reading drives.

Are all of the non-recognized DVDs older burns? Or are some of these recent burns? At what speed? Please, details!

It’s not clear from you post: are all of these Verbatim branded? If so, you can ignore chef’s comment… :stuck_out_tongue: (Hi chef :))

Don’t burn too fast (stay under @16X), never overburn DVD media, take good care of your burnt discs.



they are not all old burns, some of them are very new. I have burns old maybe a year and some couple of days old.
Strange thingg is that some of them are burned on my old NEC burner, some of them on brand new PIONEER.
Burned on 16X.
Bought from official dealer (my company also buying DVDs from them).
None of DVDs are overburned (I never use overburn).

I thought I gave enough info in my first post, but I forgot this what you asked :iagree:

I saw in some older thread that maybe crappy power supply can make this kind of problems?
I have, beside DVD burner, 3 more HDs and not so quality power supply…:confused:


[QUOTE=panzer75;2083755]Burned on 16X[/quote] +

I have, beside DVD burner, 3 more HDs and not so quality power supply…:confused:
With low/bad PSU, better limit burning speed to @8X max. But it would be way better to buy a good PSU.
If you want the most compatible burns, better stick with @8X/@12X anyway, even with very good media. Higher speeds tend to produce higher jitter and limit reading compatibility with pickier drives.
Indeed, PSU makes a (sometimes BIG) difference.
Bought from official dealer (my company also buying DVDs from them).
You mean an official Verbatim dealer? Anyway, are these Verbatim-branded?


[QUOTE=Francksoy;2084305]You mean an official Verbatim dealer? Anyway, are these Verbatim-branded?[/QUOTE]

I don’t know about this.

Because I tried almost everything I saw on this site, I will change PSU and see what is going on after that.

Tnx all for help !


[QUOTE=panzer75;2084307]I don’t know about this.[/quote]How can you not know if the discs are branded as Verbatim? :confused: - are they printable discs? If not, I really don’t understand…

The thing is, if you’re not using genuine Verbatim, but only some generic stuff sneakily presented as “Verbatim”, the odds are high that the media is sub-par and causes the issues. Specially with @16X burns.


idk, they have Verbatim sign on them :iagree:… Who knows, maybe they are some generic stuff :confused:


[QUOTE=panzer75;2085085]idk, they have Verbatim sign on them :iagree:… [/QUOTE]Now we’re getting somewhere. OK now, look at the recording side, in the non-writable area (clearer part) near the hub. You should find a code there (you’ll need a strong artificial light just over the disc). Please post it.

Next, there wil also be a code on the clear inner hub, readable from the label side. Please post it too.

Last thing, would you download CDSpeed, run a Transfer rate test with one of the burnt discs that are properly recognized, and post the graph? The whole thing should take you ~20 minutes. :slight_smile:


recording side code: ZD9518-DVR-J47F4
label side code: MAP635LC23212357


ZD9518-DVR-J47F4 => 100% Authentic Verbatim media :slight_smile:
MAP635LC23212357 => manufactured in Taiwan by CMC Magnetics.

Transfer rate test:

  1. The numerous small drops in the reading curve seem (seem) to indicate that indeed, you’re burning these too fast for optimal quality. But as the 109 is in my experience a rather fussy reader, it’s not a certitude.
  2. Overall, there doesn’t seem to be aything dramatically wrong with the burning quality.
  3. You said you bought a 115D? This is a 109… :confused:

I’d say, burn @8X until you change your PSU. Then stick with @12X. Not all batches of blanks, even from Verbatim, like the higher speeds. Test your burns from time to time, the goal is to get 100% flawless reading curves (like the example I post).

Tell us how it goes :slight_smile:


Drop that 109 and buy a 215 or 216… :bigsmile::bigsmile::bigsmile:


3. You said you bought a 115D? This is a 109… :confused:

I tested this on my burner, 115D is on my sisters PC where problem actually exist :cool:

I will test that DVDs on that other PC where 115D is, we will see how curve is there

I have to change PSU, then I will see is it better… I’ll inform you :wink: