DVD+/- burner does cd but no dvd

What is the brand of your DVD writer?. internal HP Lightscribe DVD +/- writer, CD-writer
What f/w your DVD writer is using at this time?> eh?
What brand of DVD disc are using?. TDK - R
Is your drive in DMA postion?. yes
How much memory you are havng in your PC?. 156.96 MB
What is the size of your hard drive?. Remaining space is about 5 gigs
What is the speed of your processorin your PC?. 3066 Mhz
What kind of burning software are you using?. Sonic, but others wont work either.

I’ll just get to asking. Well, I’ve been burning with those disks in the spindle I have just fine. I haven’t burned anything in a month or so, then when I started again last week, the burning will either not stop at all, giving the error message below:
Sense: 03 ASC: 0C ASCQ: 00 (Command 2A)


or burn to 90% or something like that then stop, making me waste my dvd. I tried with a CD-R and it works. I have too many things I want to archive to try and do it with CDs.

I tried burning DVDs with another program, but the error message said something like the program doesn’t have sole use of drive.

I tried cleaning the registry, virus sweep, spyware, but they all came up with nothing. I don’t know if it’s because the programs I have are ineffective or if there’s another problem. Basically I don’t know anything and that is making me very frustrated. I would truly appreciate your help. I tried searching, but I just end up with a completely blank page.

I thank anyone willing to help ahead of time! :bow: