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Hi all,

I have Sony DRU 510A. Now I like to get DL from Sony. Review the comments, I am confused. What will you recommend to get DRU710A or 720A? And what DL media shall I need? Your knowledge is greatly appreciated.

The reason I want to get DL because every time I copy the original DVD to my DVD, I see many rectangular blocks on the copied video while playing. I presume this dues to copy 7 or 8 gb dvd to regular 4.3 gb with using DVDshrink and then burn with either TMPGENC or Vegas DVD.

No that macroblocking is not due to shrinking from DL to SL DVD. Thats due to poor media or the Sony drive. Get a better quality drive like an NEC or Benq and use higher quality DVD+R media like FujiFilm TY02 x8 DVD+R.

Just spotted this thread while browsing through and thought I’d post some more info.

I disagree with VeryBadBoy (sorry!) simply because there’s no way to squeeze a DL DVD down to SL without losing a fair amount of quality. If Victor010170 wants to make a backup of a legitimately owned DVD, the best thing to do is to concentrate on the main feature, strip out all the extra audio and subtitle tracks and drop the extras, that way you can pretty much guarantee a fairly good copy of the main movie. Using better media or a better burner can only give you perfect data representation. From what Victor010170 was saying he’s experiencing degraded visual quality which you can expect if you try and fit a quart into a pint pot (so to speak)!


For good quality, you have to use all of DVD Shrink’s time consuming features like analyze and high quality adaptive compression. It takes a lot longer, but you get much higher quality. Also manually set the compression factors for all the extras and remove extra audio tracks to maximize the main feature quality. Of course for the best possible main feature quality just use re-author and get only the main feature with no extras. You could also make 2 DVDs, one DVD with the main feature highest quality and all the extra stuff eliminated or replaced with still image and a second DVD with only the extras high quality and the main feature replaced with still image. But for me I get great results with adaptive compression and fine-tuning compression settings, so I haven’t had to go with 2 DVDs except for a couple I tested it on.

The Sony 510 is probably the last good drive Sony (not a lite-on) put out. His case sounds like a simple poor quality media problem to me.

Victor try some good quality media and update the firmware to the latest from Sony before giving up on that drive, if you don’t want to buy a new drive just because you want one. Be sure to follow Sony’s instructions on flashing firmware for that drive. I have burnt over 200 DVDs with that model drive and as long as I use good media I don’t get any pixelation or freeze frames with it. :slight_smile:

If you want a new drive I don’t think you could go wrong with a Benq. :bigsmile:

It works. :slight_smile:

I thank you for al of the replies. Follow the suggestions, I update the media, bought the qa media, analyze with dvd shrink (I even update dvdshrink). And the qa is very much better.

Again thanks for your support.