DVD Burner disappears from explorer in Win98

howdy. after months of fine usage as a dvdrom, my ND-3540A has disappeared from explorer after burning my first data dvd using the latest version of nero 6 and then accidentally restarting the pc with the disk still in the dvd drive.

during the process of reloading, while everything is still in black and white there is some error message about ‘child drivers’ and ‘32 bit’ something or the other and windows will try to fix it once i press any key (or something of the sort) so i do that and nothing happens for awhile so i hit the restart button. this time i remove the disc before windows loads and upon entering explorer i discover that the dvd drive is missing but the hdd on the same cable is not. i reboot into bios, see that the drive is still there, reboot again and that brings me to where i am now… the drive lights up and responds to my pushing the eject button. could someone please help me out?

EDIT: i’m not sure what’s going on but i can’t find ‘optical drives’ anywhere in device manager!

EDIT: the drive also does not appear in the ‘add new hardware wizard’

ok, going to ‘performance’ under ‘my computer/properties’ revealed a crucial piece of the puzzle that led me to this webpage and the subsequent fixing of my problem: http://www.helpwithwindows.com/techfiles/msdos-compatibility.html

i HATE when technology ****s up like this… :a but i am so relieved that things are working again…

Test the drive in another computer and replace the IDE cable also.