Dvd burner dilema

we have some dilemma between the panasonic uj-840, uj-841 and the uj 846-b that we need to install to our toshiba p-25 laptop,

I have read on panasonic site that most of the spec. are the same (the 840,841 are tray loading and the 846-b is slot loading)

the 840 can write duel layer only with R+ media and the 2 others can do both R+,R- ,

it says that the uj 846-b have 2 mb buffer memory and something about “buffer under run protection”,and it says nothing on this subject about the 840,841 memory buffers ,can it be they dont have at all?

and how significant are each of those factors on the practical use ?
Can someone help us please with this info?

There are no burners on the market today without buffer under-run protection for CD-R(W) media. There has never been any DVD burners without buffer under-run protection for DVD+/-R(W) media - it is mandatory!

I have a Matshita DVD-RAM UJ-840S which is probably the same as the Panasonic UJ-840 except for firmware, so I may be able to answer some questions regarding that drive.

My Matshita UJ-840S has a 2 MB buffer.

The other drives I have no knowledge of.

You should avoid slot loading drives. They suffer from various incompatibilities (not able to use 8 cm DVDs and CDs, for example).
Keep in mind that slim DVD burners which are usually built into laptops will not give a great burn quality and usually lack features like scanning and/or bitsetting.

Let’s check this hypothesis against my Matshita UJ-840S:

[li]Poor burn quality with DVD media?[/li]Check! I have found no DVD media that burns with the same quality as on my desktop drives. The drive does make readable discs with high quality Taiyo Yuden and Verbatim media however, but the PIE/PIF scans are unimpressive.
[li]Poor burn quality with CD media?[/li]Not true. Burns with excellent quality on Taiyo Yuden and Verbatim Super Azo media!
[li]Lacks C1/C2 and PIE/PIF scanning capabilities?[/li]Check!
[li]Lacks bitsetting for DVD+R/RW media?[/li]Check!
[/ol]That gives you a 75% correct score on guessing the capabilities of the UJ-840. :iagree:

It also unfortunately means, that this drive isn’t comparable to any decent desktop drive, and I’ve seen much worse laptop DVD burners than this one! :frowning:

thank you for your reply,it sound reasonble,have you any idea why in their site -
they mention the 2 mb memory buffer and the under ru protection only to the 846-b ,and says nothing about it to the 840 and 841?
what do you think about tray loading against slot loading?
by the way on wich laptop model do you use the uj-840?

do you know about other disadvantages of slot loading beside the 8 cm media (wich i hardly use), i think when the disc is not geting out it might be easier to open with the tray loadind,what else did you know about?
thank you

There are thousands of slot loading disadvantages, like that discs can get much dirtier if you put it into the slot, and the overall possibility of failures is higher (slot loading drives will most likely need servicing all the time ;)). I have only used tray loading drives until now but I can’t really understand why slot loading should be much better, except that it looks cool.

The tiny 2 MB buffer is normal with recent DVD burners, sadly. The fast 52x CD burners all came with Mt. Rainier and 8 MB buffer, why can’t they add that to DVD burners? :frowning:
As DrageMester mentioned before, all DVD burners have buffer underrun protection.

I’ve been feeding my TSSTcorp CD/DVDW TS-L632B with CMC MAG E01 and even with RITEKG05 and it produces readable discs out of them, but the results are… crap. I wonder when my CMC MAGs with South Park episodes on it will die…
I’ll better keep my 25 YUDEN000 T03 and 50 YUDEN000 T02 for my LG GSA-4163B A106 ^^