DVD Burner device buffer problems!

I have an NEC 3540a DVD burner that has been working great. The last week though it has started to burn at only 2X and the device buffer goes erratic the whole time during the burn process. I was wondering if someone knew what the problem could be and how to fix it. The burner has only downloaded and copied about 350-400 DVD total. If it is the burner and not a Ram issue or something else does anyone know if New Egg does RMA on something 5-6 months old? I have done a hard disc defrag and rebooted the system several times. Thanks for the help.

Check out NEC FAQ and particularly this


update your FW and have you switched media?

I already have Iggy’s newest and the media I have is MCC 004 and has been working great untill now. The burns are still ok but dropped a great deal after this happened.

$10 says DMA is off.

Fixed the problem by reflashing the drive, yeah. Thanks for the input!!!

That’s the hard way to try to enable DMA, hehe.