DVD Burner Delays Reading For 11 Minutes



DVD Burner Delays Reading For 11 Minutes

When I put a disk into my DVD Burner the light on the front of the drive flashes for a few seconds, and then NOTHING happens until, 11minutes later, Windows pops up the “Which Program Do You Want To Use For This Disk” Dialogue Box. During that 11 mins, any attempts to access the disk drive simply create an “Hourglass Cursor”. Even just Right-clicking on the Drive Icon in Windows Explorer causes the “Hourglass Cursor” before it even pops up the menu. Checking the Drive Properties in Device Manager assures me that “This Device is working Properly”, yet the Drive Properties window will not close until the end of the 11min period.

When the 11min “Time Out” is over, ( signaled by Windows popping up the “Which Program Do You Want To Use For This Disk” Dialog Box ) everything works smoothly. I can play CD’s, play DVD’s, browse Data Disks, or burn blank disks, with no further problems. That is, until I take out that disk and put in another, then I have to wait another 11 mins.

Other programs are not affected by the “Time Out”. Windows Explorer will start and run just fine, as long as I don’t try to access the DVD Drive. If I do, then that Explorer window will freeze, but other Explorer windows will continue working. Windows Task Manager shows nothing much happening, no Applications or Processes using huge amounts of CPU time.

The computer is one that I bought the parts for and assembled myself :-
CPU - Intel Core 2 Duo 6600 @ 2.40GHz
Ram - 2 x 1gig DDR2 PC6400 ( 800MHz )
Mobo - Abit AB9 Pro ( Intel P965/ICH8R Chipset )
OS - Windows XP Media Center Edition SP2
HD - 2 x Western Digital 250gig SATA 2 ( as C:\ and D:\ )

Burner - Samsung Writemaster 16x DVD with Lightscribe ( which I.D.s as “TSSTcorp CD/DVDW SH-S162L SCSI CdRom Device” in Device Manager ) It is set to “Master” and is the only IDE Device connected

I have used the LiveUpdate program to install the latest firmware ( TS06 ), but that hasn’t helped.

More weirdness - when I wait until the “time out” is over, and the disk is recognised, if I then eject the disk, and then put the same disk back in, it gets recognised in a nice, normal, short time (13 secs ). I only get the “time out” when I insert a new disk.

If I turn off the computer with a recognised disk in the drive, Windows recognises it immediately at startup.

If I insert a new disk, and immediately try to turn off my computer, Windows hangs for 11mins at the “Shutting Down” screen, and also will not recognise the disk for 11 mins when I restart.

Does anybody have any ideas what might be causing this?

Thank you


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There are a couple of registry settings that might cause issues when disks are loaded.

These are Media Change Notification & Auto Insert Notification.

I don’t know where in the registry to set/change these but I use the ImgBurn application to do it. It can be found here.

In Tools -> Settings & Device , try checking both Disable Media Change Notification & Auto Insert Notification if they are not already checked. You’ll probably need to reboot.

I don’t know if this’ll have any effect but it’s worth a try.



Seems you have one of those intel suckers without real IDE interfaces. The manufacturer of your mainboard has soldered a 3rd party IDE chip onto the board. These are often not so good with optical drives. See, if there is a newer driver for that chip, also a BIOS update might help.
If not, you can get some IDE/SATA adapter and connect your drive to one of the Intel SATA connectors.