DVD Burner Damaged?

Hello, everyone. I tried to ‘overburn’ a CD-R using my _NEC DVD±RW ND-3530A 103C (as ImgBurn picks it up as) drive. Is there a chance that I could have damaged it by doing this action?

Thanks guys.

I’ve never heard of anyone damaging their drive when trying to burn something. If you’ve managed to do so, we’ll start an Oddities thread and put you at the top of the list. :slight_smile:

What Kerry said.

Your drive should be smart enough to not allow itself to get broken by trying to burn. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the responses, but I thought optical drives could be damaged by overburning CD-Rs. Is this just a rumour or something that I have heard?

I’m inclined to think it might be something left over from the “old days” of burning. It can probably happen with older burners, but it shouldn’t if the drive is programmed properly. [But then, most would argue we shouldn’t overburn]. Anyway, today’s drives will error out before they kill themselves trying to overburn.

How do I post my own question on a dvd burning problem I am having? I just joined Club CD Freaks and have not been able to figue out the steps to post my question, please help :frowning:

Welcome to CDfreaks! :cool:
Just go to the newbie forum link and at the top there is a button that says new thread click that and follow the steps.