DVD Burner compatability

Hi, This is my first time so go gentle please. I installed a Lightscribe DVD writer but I am having major problems. I want to change it for an standard DVD writer and have realised that my computer a Gigabite GA-K8N51GMF-9 has SATA capability. Can anyone advise in advance if there are any problems I might encounter if I install a SATA DVD rom drive?
Many thanks in advance.

Hi :slight_smile:
I think it would be a bit like taking pot luck.
Thereโ€™s no mention in the manual of a IDE setting.
Just Raid or Non-Raid.
Never been a fan of via or nVidia chipsets on motherboards myself.
Boards of this nature are usually set for HDD rather than optical.
Hence the two IDE connectors as opposed to later boards with only one.
However someone with specific knowledge of your board may know otherwise.
If you go with SATA burner, you might end up having to get a PCI adaptor card. :doh:
But at least it would be good for any future upgrade. :cool: