DVD burner cleaning--How?

I’ve been having a problem burning DVDs lately, and have ended up with a bunch of files on my HDD that I need to get off. In scanning sone of the log files I see several mentions of failures because drive is dirty. I’ve read, including on this site, several opinions that “CD Cleaning Kits” are not a good choice. Then how do you go about it? I’ve got reasonable experience with working with delicate machinery, but I hate to just to start pulling screws and taking off covers without knowing what I’m doing. Any help would be appreciated.

Please use SEARCH, discussed and answered many times already.

Yeah, checked Search before I asked, couldn’t find it. Sorry I asked and took your time. Won’t be making that mistake again. :bow:

Lens cleaning disc may or not work (in some cases the disc will not read), you can open the drive door and try compressed air (dust off) to remove dust or open the drive (by removing the cover) and gently clean the lens with a Q-tip and alcohol (best way).

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Here’s an earlier thread on the subject, found through [this advanced search](http://club.cdfreaks.com/search.php?query=clean burner&titleonly=1&searchuser=&exactname=0&starteronly=0&showposts=0&forumchoice=46&childforums=1):

best way to clean your DVD/CD Burner??

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