DVD burner changes - by itself!

I’d like to know if anyone has run into this problem.

My DVD burner has been happily recording on DVD+R disks ever since I bought it for Christmas. Now, out of the blue, it has decided that it will only record on DVD-R disks; put a DVD+R disk in it, and it doesn’t even recognize that there’s a disk there. This is a very bad turn of events for me, as my DVD jukebox will only play DVD+R disks. I have updated the driver from the company website, but that hasn’t helped. I don’t know if I have a hardware problem, a burner software problem, or a system problem. I don’t want to replace the burner if the new one is just gonna pull the same cr_p on me.

I need help BIG TIME!

First rule is to use RELIABLE dvd media, eg. Verbatim & TY.