DVD Burner-CDROM-Acer-Windows Vista

:confused:Hi. I am having problems with my drive E not reading DVD’s. It will read most CD’s though. When i put in a DVd it hangs up for a bit and then tells me to insert a disc although there is one in the drive. I have burned movies before using DVD-R, and RW—I have different brands, but it doesnt matter what DVD I put in—its still the same. I am VERY stupid when it comes to this stuff…Lol…I have reloaded drivers-checked cables but to no avail. —By the way…when I open up My computer it is showing the drive—and also when I put a CD Disc in—it will show the icon changing from DVD to CD–vice versa…So if there is anyone that maybe can help me—more so even walk me through what to do…It would be greatly appreciated. I would be even glad to call someone if you know of someone that would walk me through stuff to check…I have been trying to get this fixed for about 3 weeks now…Lol… Im desperate, and since I dont have a man around to help me with this stuff I come to y’all.!!!..Lol…Thanx, and have a great day!:sad: