DVD burner & cd/dvd doors don't always open

I replaced the cd/dvd writer in my hp desktop because the old one wasn’t working right, kept saying there was no cd in player. The new one is an HP model 1140-i . It came with Nero 8. ;After installing Nero 8 the door wouldn’t open. The light went on & stayed on. I pushed the button on it & no help. I tried the other cd drive & that door wouldn’t open. I rebooted the computer & it kept trying to boot up from the cd. I shut the power off & removed the new burner then re-installed it. It booted up normally then I was able to eject the cd. I burned a couple of dvd’d then the door locked shut again. Is this a software problem or is another program conflicting with the operation of the dvd drives? I’m at a loss.

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Are you using any virtual drive software?

Did you jumper the drive properly when installing it?

The fact that you had trouble with both drives indicates you did something wrong with the cabling and/or you have some software that is locking access to the drives.

You should retrace your hardware install steps and remove any software that isn’t truly necessary from your computer.