DVD burner cant read disk it just burnt

okay so i just installed a dvd burner and it can burn dvds and they play on EVER machine other than it self. after i eject the disk, i get the error message
“windows cannot read from this disk. the disk might be corrupted, or it could be using a format that is not compatible with windows”

it doesnt make any sense because every other machine plays it, why doesnt mine? PLEASE HELP!!!

Welcome to the forum! This issue has been raised so many times. Even I posted a thread here. I tried almost everything: starting with upgrading firmware, changing IDE cables, changing media, reinstalling controllers, etc., etc… But it seems more and more like a Nero or software related issue because I had this problem on 3 (!!!) different burners. All workstations did have Nero at some point in time. One case was that I bought a brand new recorder, it burned fine for some time even with Nero but now it fails (either before burning, in the middle or can’t verify or read after).

Sorry that I couldn’t help but just browse around your burner threads here in the forums and you might find something. As far as I know there is no concrete solution to this problem or even a determined cause.

Is this -R media on NEC drive? I’ve seen quite a few posts for NEC drive not reading burned -R including my NEC 3520 running Win2k. Curiously however, those same -Rs in same drive on same system read fine when booted to Win98 in my dual boot system. I saw another thread where a NEC user reported -R not reading in WinXP but reading in Win98 like me and reading in Vista as well, and in another thread a NEC user had same issue with 3 different NEC drives. All this seems to me to indicate some kind of driver/firmware issue with WinXP and Win2k.

well see now heres the really strange part. so i took my old CD/DVD ROM drive and put it back in and it read the burnt disk, and the also took a dvdrw drive from my roomates laptop and it read the disk fine… so basicly i have determined that it is the drive and i am returning it today… LAME! haha
thanks for your responses guys!

That’s not strange at all in my experience. I have same read problem for my NEC 3520 in 2 different systems. An old Pioneer 107D, Pioneer 111D and LiteOn SHM-165P6S all work fine in both systems. I believe there’s just some WinXP and Win2k compatibility issues for certain drives in some systems, and I don’t know if they’ll be resolved. Note many use NEC drives with no read issues which makes the problem even more intriguing. Glad you were able to return it though.

That are usually driver issues.

Burn with verify then you will see if it is an drive/media or drivers problem.

I have the same problem with Sony DRU-830A. It worked fine first days, after that is stopped reading. Except it continues to read DVD-RW

I have a dual boot machine with Win2000 and Win98SE; in both OS the disc is unreadable.

yeah this is probably the lamest problem ever.