DvD burner...but which one?

Hey All
I’m new to this forum and have been doing a lot of research on DVD burners since my last DVD burner a SOHW-852s won’t even burn data DVDs. At the moment I want to get one for my desktop and can’t decide which one after reading so many reviews. In New Zealand we don’t have that many types of media brands and the easiest btands to get are: Sony, Imation and Mitsubishi.

I’m stuck between these DVD burners:

Pioneer DVR-111
LiteOn SHM-165P6S
LG GSA-4167

Which one would be best? I care about quality not speed :slight_smile:


Your question gets asked a lot and it’s probably hard to understand why it gets such little response. It’s a difficult question to answer because it really depends on many factors that you control - meaning what are your needs specifically. Because you haven’t stated a great deal to go on let me start by saying I own two of your final 4 and have 1st cousins to the other two. Which really only means that I am familiar with your choices. Since we don’t know important decision makers like quality scanning needed, bit-setting required etc - I would look for the best all-arounder. That would make the Benq 1640 the first choice followed by the 165P6S at second. The Pioneer loses out because of suspect scanning abilities and no auto bitsetting without modified firmware. The LG cannot do quality scanning period. That doesn’t mean that the Pioneer and Lg are bad drives - just not as versatile. I’m sure others will have different opinions. Good luck and all those are good choices in my opinion.

Just looking at the prices the BenQ is $5 cheaper in NZ do you have any idea why? Is it because it is older?
Thanks for the reply

Also I’ve seen the BENQ DW1650 here for $10 cheaper than the 1640 and difference?

Probably. :iagree:

The 1640 is a proven performer while the 1650 is a relative newcomer. It may end up rated just as good - only time will tell. The 1640 has very mature firmware while the 1650 is getting there. Both are excellent choices.

Thanks for the reply! :slight_smile:

Id go for the 1640 if you havent already got a drive. The 1640 can write to DL media that is rated at 2.4x at 8x, unlike the 1650 with its current firmware.