Dvd burner being a pain in the "(*$%&_(*

Hi Newbie here, having issue with my Emprex burner, i can only burn audio discs, it spits out dvds saying unable to build disc structure!? Help!! I have saved the log but i cannot make any sense out of it!

pleeeeeeese help me!


Dude, we need more info.

  1. What’s your burner model & firmware revision.
  2. Winxp? Sp1? Sp2?
  3. What program are you using to burn?
  4. What media are you burning. Please identify it with either nero cd-dvdspeed (free) or the nero infotool.
  5. What speed are you burning at?
  6. Please post error logs.

Nero Infotool will help you with all of those, with the exception of the logs.
Stick one of your disks in your burner before running the infotool.

Emprex has been known to use BTC-based drives. Check here for more information.