Dvd burner as slave to a cd reader?

Hi guys. I looked thru the faqs, and did a search on this question, but couldn’t find anything relevant, so…

I need to install a new DVD burner on this PC, which at this point only has a CD drive (not a burner, only reader) installed. Is it ok to install the dvd burner as a slave while keeping the cd reader as master? Are there any possible drawbacks to this configuration?

I have never installed an optical drive before, so appriciate your advice on this matter. :bow:

Hi and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

My suggestion is to set DVD burner as master. And remember to enable DMA


I personally install my DVD Burners as master on the secondary IDE channel. Have tried it in the slave configuration in the past without any issues. Why don’t you try it yourself? Don’t worry, you will not kill the drive :slight_smile:

My current setup is a Benq DW1650 as a ‘slave’ on the primary channel.

I have tried it, and compared burn quality / read speed etc’, as a master drive and also alternated between the primary / secondary channel with no obvious difference or problems.

As sweetleaf said, ‘try it yourself’ just remeber to set the jumpers correctly.


I have to go along with geno888. I have my PX-760A as the Master on my secondary IDE channel and a Lite-On 16X DVD-ROM as Slave.