Dvd burner and ps2 games

hiya everyone this is my first post so here goes :rolleyes:
my son is now on his 3rd ps2 smackdown game and i have come to the conclusion that it’s gonna be cheaper for me in the long run to backup his ps2 games.
i am gonna have a no swap modchip fitted soon as i am told this will be needed.
i am looking for a dvd burner solely to backup his ps2 games as i buy all my dvd movies new anyway as they are cheaper.
can anyone give me some recomendations on what dvd burners would do the job…
chears for your input in advance…

I have a NEC 1300a and a Pioneer A05

both will do the job perfectly

thanks hanfra for the speedy reply i was a bit unsure about all this +r/-r/ram seem to be so many combinations what sort of software would you recomend…

I use discjuggler for the nec and prassi promodvd for the pioneer,
is doesnt support the nec.

cheers hanfra at least i can make a start…

I would advise getting a duel or dvd-r writer as some ps2 consols dont support dvd+r…
you will have less problems
you can use some of these programs to back up ps2 games
recordnow max\dx
dvd decryptor

is there a software compatability list anywhere for dvd burners can’t seem to find one…
the nec 1300 does both or so it says on the website but doesn,t tell you what software is compatible with it.

its a toss up between the nec nd-1300 or the pioneer A06.
the aA06 being a bit more exspensive but it has buffer underun protection.

software compatibility isn’t really an issue with mainstream software that gets updated often. some programs simply require an updating of it’s compatible players list, while others simply work with all burners.

all modern drives have buffer underrun protection, including the 1300A.

thanks for your input i will go with the nec and see how i get on,they are fairly cheap now as opposed to a year ago.
what sort of media do you use with yours or what would you recomend in general.

I use Princo 2 speed

tests of various types of media are listed in the media forum. i use verbatim datalife dvd+rs myself, which are manufactured by ricoh.

i use tdk and verbatim cdr’s for my mp3’s and audio and have had no problems.
so i need dvd-r for ps2 backups .
cheers for your help.

u don’t necessarily need dvd-rs to use on ur ps2; it depends on what generation ps2 it is. the first 3 generations can’t read +, the 4th generation is a tossup, and the last 3 generations can all read +. if u have a more recent ps2, it shouldn’t be a problem to use + instead of - discs.

also, it’s not the brand of the media that matters the most, but who actually manufactured them.

hiya again
i bought the ps2 for him a few years ago so it should be ok then the model number is- SCPH 35003.
i wasn’t aware as regards to the cdr’s i thought you got what it says on the cd,so they could be made by someone else and be of inferior quality.
proves how much i know.