Dvd Burner and DVD drive messed up!

ok i bought my comp. about 6 months ago the night i got it the DVD Drive wouldnt open. i kept pressing the button but it wouldnt eject. then finaly it just opend and i hadnt had any more troble with it since. then a couple weeks ago my cd burner quit buring cds. i went out and bought a DVD burner. when i installed it… it worked fine it burnt a dvd and and cds… now i try to burn a dvd or cd it wont read the cd. i put a cd and go through all the stuff to burn it and i get to the part where it burns and it says insert a blank disc and ill have a blank disc in . and it says i dont have any cd in there. my brother was the last person who burnt a cd. is there something he may have done or it the dvd burner fked or is there any thing i can do…

what program are you using to burn ? what operating system are you running ? what make/model of cd or dvd drive have you ?

Im using a NU DVD burner 8x DVD±rw,Nero 6, and Windows XP

Can Any One Help?

Welcome to the club. Vijay and I both have the same problems. No one has been able to come up with a solution yet. I have the issue on both my burners and on two different media. MS sp2 resolves many dvd issues but they seem to be related to ‘crossing borders’ and -+RW issues. Right now I’m stuck.
Tonight, I’m uninstalling Roxio and Nero, uninstalling the dvd player, booting and re-installing Nero. I also saw a post in a MS Forum that said you had to upgrade Nero to get it to work with XP but I don’t have the level id. You can probably get that on the Nero web site. My burner was finally working ok after a couple of weeks of effort and, like yours, it just stopped overnight. I’m going to also check to see if XP is set up to automatically check for updates from MS and I will shut that off. That’s the only thing I can see to account for it ‘breaking’ overnight.

Alright. It burns DVDs it just wont do crap with a blank CD-R. it keeps saying please insert blank disc. and i already have one in.