DVD burner and CD burner disappeared



I bought a Lite On 16x dvd burner right after Christmas and for some reason it just doesn’t appear when i click My Computer… It only shows up the floppy drive and my C drive… No dvd or cd roms to be found… :a
Any idea why this happened?


Can you see it when you bootup. If not then the jumper settings or bios settings are wrong.

If you can see it then check under hardware devices. Right click on My Computer, Properties, Hardware, Device Manager, CD/DVD Drive. Is there a yellow mark next to it. If not the right click on it and remove it. Then restart your computer. This should force windows to refind it.


if the above doesn’t work make sure the ide cable is installed corectly. try another cable ( 80 wire should be used with newer burners ). if that doesn’t fix it,it could be motherboard is bad. had that happen to me.


they show up at startup so i guess they are still technically there… in device mgr there is a yellow ! on each of them… I have tried to reinstall the drivers and find new ones but nothing works… it says Windows can’t find the drivers… What now?


What version of windows are you running


are you sure that the jumpers are set on the drives correctly? most DVD burners are coming wiht the jumpers allready set on master and if you added a burner on a system that allready has an optical drive which would be set to master then your going to have a conflict. in short if you have two drives one needs to be set to maste rand the other to slave.


Get the latest spybot and adaware and run these twice each. Also update your AV software and then run it. If you have XP pro go to a restore point from last month. I had a bunch of malware and at the end of each month all my DVD-CD roms would vanish. I used to make sure I had a good restrore point made on the 26th of the month that I could go back to when it happened.