DVD Burner, and alcohol 120



I jus got my new dvd burner for christmas and when i burn a cdr with encryption the dvd burner wont read it after its burnt, but my secondary dvd drive reader will, but when i burnt a game dvd the dvd burner will read it fine. the dvd burner is an hp dvd630i (actually reads 630c on the computer), and i know hp likes to rebadge ther drives on the sticker on the drive, the V/N: phdvd8631/44 which would probelly mean its a Philips DVD8631, but iv been told thats pretty much a Benq DW1620. So my main question is why wont the dvd burner read cdr’s burnt in alcohol that have encryption(safe disk is the only one that i have tried)

P.S. where it shows the drives in alcohol it has a 1:0 on teh dvd burner, and a 1:1 on teh dvd reader, what does that mean.