DVD Burner able to burn CD+G

HI all,
I am looking to buy a DVD +/- r/rw burner but I want it to be able to burn CD+G disks. Does anyone have any sugestions?

Also do any of the following drives support the burning of CD+G disks Sony DWU-14A, Pioneer DVR106, LiteOn LDW401S, LiteOn LDW411S, LiteOn LDW811, LiteOn LDW811S.


Hello Gocat. I am new here too. I don’t know if you have already been here or not, but this is an excellant site for cdg burning helps.


Also this may help:


Good luck!


Thanks Burrfoot
I will check them out later.

I have the Sony 500AX dvd-r and have burned over 100 CD+G disks with no issues. I believe they have a newer model, the 510.
The liteon 411s will also do that, and I have it, but have not tested the CD+G. I will recommend Alcohol 120% to do the copying. It has a build in mode for copy cd+g. If you don’t use the correct software you end up getting only the audio. This happened when I tried with clone cd.

Hope it helps,



Thanks for the info. will check out the DVD writer.
I already use Alcohol 120 to load cue files from the virtual drive. I have also burned some cds with it. Thanks for the tip that it can burn CD+g. I have downloaded CDrwin to use for burning but if Alcohol can do it I’ll stick with that.