Dvd burned with nero skips

i burned a backup concert dvd with nero 6.0 on a generic dvd+rw after doing a quick erase and am getting intermittant skips on my standalone yamakawa dvd player. could that be the cheap media or do i need to adjust settings on nero? playback looks and sounds great,except for skips, doesn’t skip every time.

Also how many times can i erase and rerecord a dvd+rw?

Hi waynezo, welcome to the forums!

Skipping can be causes by several issues. There could be a problem between the player and the media (quite likely).

You could try to play the RW disc in your computer. If it works fine, chances are big that there is a probleem between the media and the player. You could try to burn the concert on another DVD and see what happens. If that works fine, you know the cause. If know… report back :slight_smile: