Dvd burned but files seem to be corrupted

I use a TSSTcorp cd/dvdw TS-L532L optical drive. It burns cdr/cdrw just fine, but when it comes to DVDR/DVDRW it does not work that well. No matter the what DVD burner program I use I never got a decent DVD, I’m going crazy. It appears to be written something on the dvd layer but when it try to read it nothing happens, but i can use it no more burnings.
I used Samsung pleomax dvd-r 8x DVDs.
I tried some “sonic record now” dvd burner that came with the laptop, nero and alcohol 120% and I got the same prob in all of them.

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Most of times this issue is not due to a software problem, but to a media one.

Pleomax are bad quality media. Try to burn some better media like verbatim (NOT “pearl white” series)

Exactly, this media is real garbage.

Try with decent media, eg. TY and Verbatim!

His burner is poor as well, which complicates matters further. The discs are apparently either Optodisc or Prodisc F01, neither of which are great but both would likely work fine if his burner wasn’t as bad.