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Hi new hear.
I am tying to Burn a DL DVD from a completion of a DVD Movie.
Nero 7 is not much help, it rejects my 8X DVD+R DLL disks, says wrong Media. The media is Verbatim. Now of the Disks I have tried are they any good anymore?? or are they junk???
Also tried different Burners with the same problem, now I have ordered Verbatim 8x DVD-R DL disks to see if that is the problem.

Window XP
Lite-on DVDRW LH-20A1S
Any HELP is and will be helpful Thanks in advance:sad:


Verbatim is the correct media when burning DL. Try using ImgBurn and burn at 2.4X.


Thanks for the fast reply.
I was burning at 4x, will try 2.4x see what happens.:wink:


No good, dos not work.:sad:


Hi Ultram,

I am using Nero 8 but would you check that before you burn, you have selected the correct target size? If you intend to use a DL disc, select DVD-9 as your target. If you select anything else (DVD-5) and you insert a DL disc, you may get an error message.

I hope this helps.


Could not find that in Nero 7, so i’m downloading Nero 8 trail, and see if that works.:o

PS. thanks for the reply.


Before you do that, realize Nero 8 will wipe out Nero 7. Make certain you have your serial number available as you may want to reinstall that.

Ultram: Your Nero 7 menu will look different from my screen shot. What I was trying to explain is that there is a point in your version where you need to select a target disc and select the size. What you select should match what you insert in your drive. I do not think it is necessary to install Nero 8 before trying my suggestion.

You wrote:

I am tying to Burn a DL DVD from a completion of a DVD Movie.
but more information would be helpful. What version Nero are you using and what Nero program?




I’m installing it on another Computer.
Nero 7 is not working right for some reason, so maybe 8 will work better.


I’m using Nero 7 Ultra Edition


I have gone through more than a dozen disks, they cant all be bad???:sad:


They cannot.

Post more info, eg. a burnlog.


Nero 7 recode comes up with the message ( Recode encounter on error and can not continue, faild to open file D:)

It looks as I cant select the completion that is on drive D: or any where els.
I don’t know where to find the log, looked all over for it.:eek:


I think I found it, but don’t know Howe to attach it???:a


You already answered it, a file was not found so Recode couldnt complete its task…