DVD Burn Time in Nero at 16X

Just one simple question:

I have noticed that when I burn a DVD at 16x or at any other speed for that matter, that the time it originally assigns to burn the dvd exhausts and extra time is added at which point the burning finally completes. For example, if it originally said 4 minutes to burn when I press the start burn button, the 4 minutes will expire and the burn will only be about 50-60 percent complete. Then it resets the time to complete and adds a couple more minutes. When this time is finished, the burn is finally complete.

Is this normal for all DVD burning regardless of burner or software used or do I have a unique problem? Thanks in advance.

That’s normal for software in general. The remaining time is based on optimal conditions. We live in the real world and things crop up, like power calibration time, buffer loading and unloading, swap file usage…etc.

btw, I just apllied the registry tweak that shows the actual burn speed during the entire dvd burn process…it shows that a dvd burn starts out at 5x and goes all the way to 16x during the end…so it makes me think that the entire burn process is not at 16x right? TIA.

The burn process will not be what you set it at all the way through the burn. Here is an example from an ImgBurn Log.

Write Speed: 12x

Operation Successfully Completed! - Duration: 00:04:38

Average Write Rate: 12,682 KB/s (9.2x) - Maximum Write Rate: 16,902 KB/s (12.2x)