DVD Burn Speed Questions Nero 5.5

I have a question regarding choosing the write speed in Nero 5.5.

When I try to copy an unencripted DVD to a new DVD, Nero only allows me to choose specific burn speeds. An the choices are for the DVD I am copying from. Not the blank DVD I am writing to (since I haven’t put the blank DVD in yet, it doesn’t know the possible write speeds.)

How can I write at a slower speed than the choices given in the write speed dropdown box? What if I am writing to a different type of DVD which only allows slower burn speeds?

This whole thing where DVD have certain write speeds is a pain. I have one RiData set of DVDs which on the label say 4x but the drop box says 4x or 8x. I have another brand DVD says 8x on the label but the drop box says can burn 2x or 4x. (The drop boxes confirm what DVDInfo says about the blank DVDs.)

HOW CAN I OVERRIDE THE NERO CHOICES FOR BURN SPEED? I tried a registry change which I thought would allow manual speed selection. “UseStaticWriteSpeedTable”=dword:00000001
but nothing has seemed to change.

Any guidance appreciated.