DVD burn speed problem

I have an oldish PC with only a CD ROM drive and Windows 98 OS.
I bought an external DVD rewriter with 8X read and 8X write capability which plugs into my USB port.

With the re-writer came a NERO Express version6 software.

With only one DVD drive, if I want to copy a DVD, I presume I have to copy to the hard drive, then switch the Nero DVD to a blank, and then burn the saved data from the hard drive to the blank.

I did this succesfully however, all of these operations occur at real -time - i.e. 2hours of copying to hard drive and 2hours of burning to DVD. This is despite being able to set the Burn to DVD rate at 2x or 4x, it just burns in Real-time.

Any ideas anyone? I’d like to burn the DVD’s a bit quicker if possible!!

might wanna bump up your RAM and your processor speed may be an issue.Also,that burner might be USB 2.0 and you’re using USB 1.1 in that old PC.You can get a USB 2.0 card for $10.

I’m sure it is a USB1.1 whereas the re-writer specified USB2.0. I was expecting it not to work at all.
How does the USB2.0 card work, I take it you can’t just plug it into your USB1.1 port?

No,you have to open up your case and put it in an open PCI slot(PC turned off).I’m not sure if Win 98 recognizes USB 2.0.The best way to tell is if you go the store and find a USB 2.0 card is look on the box for OS compatibility.It probably will be OK if you have Win 98SE.That’s at least one of your speed issues,USB 2.0.

okay thanks for that.
I have mentioned this to a colleague who confIrmed that he once accidentally plugged his into the USB1.1 port and his copy speed reduced from 4x to about 0.4x.
I will try a USB2.0 card and see how it goes…thanks again

Your welcome.