Dvd burn speed in DL disc

start using fujifilm DVD+R DL 8.5 GB 2.4x to back up some of my disc, using Nero 7 express, every time i insert the blank disc, it only allow me to burn at 4x, i can’t seems to change it, i’ve heard to burn a DL disc, the slowest the better…is 4x o.k?. or is that a way to change my burn speed. i’ve a LG-GSA-H22N burner…if 4x is o.k?..i rather not to tingle too many button on my computer…thanks

4x should be fine. Your machine will start out slow and work its way up in speed. No adjustments needed to your machine if you ask me.

thanks for your help, i’ll keep it in 4x.

I always burn them at minimum speed, 2x or 4x, it deppends the media disc.

4X is a great speed to burn these discs at. Almost always with good media you be successful.