DVD burn question

Can some body tell me if this is considered a good burn or not. I am new to this, still learning.

Thank you

In terms of the PIF figures it’s very good but from a PIE point of view it’s very bad.

However, the Pioneer range of burners are very poor scanners & the results are therefore very unreliable.

Try finding someone with a Benq , Liteon or Plextor to scan it for you. That’s the only way to get a clear picture of whether it’s bad or not.


I also hava a Sony DDU1612 DVD-ROM and I ran test with that drive. Here are the results:

Do you think that Sony provides more accurate results? I heard that Sony drives are made by LiteOn.


not all sony drives are lite-on

but those results are horrible

ROM drives are even worse than Pioneer for scanning. All you can really look at if you have only Pioneer is PIF, and even then you cannot count on it. BTW, scan at 4X.

Many of us get a Liteon just for scanning. Given how old your Pioneer is, and the low cost of new burners, you ought to consider upgrading. The new burners are way ahead of your 107, the 111 is very good. (I had both).