DVD Burn Quality



I got these figures on a mediocre DVD-R brand disc I burn data to:

PI: MAX = 86 AVG = 29,14 Total = 250059
PIF: MAX = 3 AVG = 0,04 Total = 384

I know that a CD-R isn’t supposed to have PIF/C2 errors after a good burn but I heard DVD-R can’t get 0 PIF/C2 errors.
I heard somwhere that PIF is allowed to be AVG = 4 before you can start to think if this really is a disc you want to trust important data to.

Any analyze experts? :smiley:


it would be easier to determine if you posted the scan.

you need to make sure you scanned at the correct speed for your drive also.

on the surface, the numbers look well within spec for a good burn, but the graph tells us a lot more.

check the blank media forum for tips and hints for reading the graphs on your own


The speed use to check was 4x with KProbe, that is the recommened speed.


Your PI values are OK but not impressive. Your PIF values are very good.

The ECMA-337 standard says that the maximum value shouldn’t be higher than 280, and the maximum PIF value shouldn’t be higher than 4.

Total or average values are not mentioned in any official standard, but you’ll se plenty of opinions and personal “standards” on this subject on the CDFreaks forum.

4x is the recommended scanning speed for the LiteOn 1693S and all earlier drives (**1S, 2s and 3S).

For the 1635S and newer drives (5S and 6S) the recommended scanning speed is 8x. For most discs the difference between 4x and 8x scans in these newer drives are not very big however.


There’s some info missing, other than the scan ofcourse. What is the MID of the discs? THis info would also help in the evaluation. For example if that was a G05 burnt over a year ago, then that would be an excellent result given the problems with G05 longevity.