DVD Burn Problems

I have spent many,many hours burning DVD’s with all kinds of different applications trying all kinds of different settings with all kinds of different file formats and I get the same result-movies that stall and freeze. Some programs seem better than others and there are some things that seem to contribute to a bad burn like overloading the cpu with too much demand while I am converting and burning files. But no matter what I do, I will still end up with a 60% to 70% chance that the movie will stall and freeze at some point and refuse to finish playing. Also sometimes the dvd player does not recognize or play my burned dvd’s. I can’t believe that everybody has the same problems that I do or no one would be burning DVD’S! Has anyone had similar problems and if so did you find a solution? I would really appriciate some feedback and good advice!

Well first off what your telling us is good but the bad part is your not telling us what software and burner and how your doing the burns exactly and if you test the dvd media source itself to see if they even played or worked properly??? So for what your having problem burning seems to stem from bad media is the mostly likely cause as well as trying to do to many things on the computer as it is burning will also cause it to make bad burn or quit. Burning as one should know now is a system resource hog and once started you need to let it finish before you do anything else on the computer otherwise you will increase your chances of bad burns. I think if you search on here there been plenty of talks about how to do proper burns and what to do or media to get to improve your chances of getting a better burn results.

The reason i didn’t name the programs I have used is because there are so many: Nero, Roxio, DVD Flick, ImgBurn, DVD Video Soft, CD Burner XP, and countless others trying many different settings. Some have been better than others, but none that I can count on getting a good burn from every time. Several of these my 2 different DVD players won’t even recognize and play. Many times movies will start out o.k. but about 1 hour into it (give or take) It will start stalling and freezing and become impossible to finish the movie. Very frustrating!! I can’t believe the typical experience is like mine or not many would continue to try to burn their own disks!

GregMilloy1, how old is your PC? If its old then you shouldn’t multitask while burning, you can even turn off your internet while burning. IMGburn is one of the best out their but if your blank discs are junk then their going to give you trouble. Try changing the burn speed, like dropping down to 12x. Also learn to use error checking software like ‘nero cd speed’ its free. You can scan your disc (use 8x scanning speed) and post a png screen shot here and we can tell you if its good or not. You can compare the quality of your scan to that of others on this forum. You also might need a firmware update for your burner.