Dvd burn problem

my problem is that i’m geting a ‘didn"t burn’ message when using my dvd fab program to backup a copyrighted disc that i bought. In the past i havent had any issues with this program…i updated to the most recent program…imade sure my dma is onto my cpu…my bookmark mode is checked for dvd+ on my writing option with the program.also i’m using nero 9…I think iv’e covered most of my bases and am at a loss of what to do next. My burner is a few years old .how can i be sure it’s working good…an if i do get a new one …whats a good burner to get? I have a hitachi now.p.s. I looked into my ‘device manager’ an didn’t see any problems…thanks for any help and suggestions…tb:

Ensure you have the latest DVDFab. Instead of burning, have DVDFab create an iso file and then burn with ImgBurn. Or open and modify the disc using DVDShrink, and have Shrink create an iso file and burn with ImgBurn. Or simply RIP with DVDFab and then burn the output with ImgBurn. In other words, try different apps to find what is causing the problem.