DVD burn problem

After deleating several games from my pc win xp sp2-using Total Uninstall-I can’t burn anything with my Sony RW DW-D22A BYS3 (ATA) .DVD Shrink is making fine files but cannot burn them-buring them for regular time but disc is still empty after succesful burning,clone dvd2 cannot handle burning-is burning something what is not accesable,the same dvd decryptor.Nero 7 is working hard but disc is playing only on pc and in spanish - and all this with or without support from Any dvd 6080.Anybody have idea how to test my system to find what is wrong?All ready checked DMA’s and devices-DVD and CD hardware is working ok.Reinstalled codec ace mega codecs pack and shrink.Google is ok but this is the best place loaded with experts.Anyway still googling Thanks